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Campus Scooter

The Latest in "CTD's"!
(Campus Transportation Devices)

We have created a folding scooter for use on college campuses like no
other - called the CampusRider™.

Campus Scooter
How does it setup? Campus Scooter
Campus Scooters - Made in the USA Animation of the Campus Rider setup Campus Scooter Click on image to replay the animation. Campus Scooter
Portable Scooters It is that easy!

The CampusRider™ was invented to accommodate demanding schedules
on large campuses, where it is difficult to get between classes quickly.

The CampusRider is made in the USA

*Fold it, take it inside!*     (15 seconds)
*Unfold it, enjoy the ride!*     (8 seconds)

College Scooter

The CampusRider™ is rugged! It looks cool, it's retro, and very affordable.

College Scooter The Original CampusRider
Street Scooter
Get yours today!     Order Your CampusRider Scooter Now! to the Scooters Page.
Campus Scooter

Buy Now at the CampusRider™ Store.

The CampusRider™ is marketed over the internet only. You won't find them in stores,
anywhere in the USA. You save big dollars buying factory direct.

Folding Scooter The CampusRider - Campus Transportation Device Folding Scooter

High Style!
High Performance!

Loaded with engineering breakthroughs.
Experience the Ride!

Simplicity and Sophistication in one Ultra-Compact Design.

Folding Scooter Fold it and Take it Inside
Fold Up Scooter

It's so new, that we had to create a new designation
and a new acronym for it.

"Campus Transporation Device"


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Campus Scooter  
Folding Scooter The CampusRider is made in the USA

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